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Playshifu Dabble Moo Town Detective

Rs. 1,499.00
Type: Puzzles
Introducing Playshifu Dabble Moo Town Detective – a groundbreaking detective kit tailored for budding puzzle enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in an unparalleled investigative experience, solving 27 quirky and side-splitting cases involving cows, armed with clues and ingenious tools. Delve into boundless hours of amusement as you transition from one mind-bending puzzle to the next, meticulously examining clues, ruling out suspects, and unmasking the culprits behind these captivating conundrums. Within this immersive journey, you'll encounter the JUNIOR DETECTIVE KIT, expertly designed for aspiring detectives aged 5 to 12. The box houses 27 intriguing case cards, 9 captivating puzzles, a magnifying glass for close inspection, and an erasable marker to jot down your deductions. Engage in collaborative puzzles that encourage family teamwork, transforming each mystery into an unforgettable collective adventure. As you navigate these enigmatic challenges, you'll also kindle a deep fondness for problem-solving, nurturing a skill that transcends the game and enriches daily life. This interactive journey not only fosters communication skills but also sharpens attention to detail and elevates critical thinking to new heights. Playshifu Dabble Moo Town Detective isn't just a game—it's a gateway to a world of mystery, teamwork, and skill development, fostering connections and cognitive abilities that will continue to flourish over time.