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Playshifu Dabble Mommy And Me On A Jungle Journey

Rs. 449.00
Introducing Playshifu Dabble Mommy And Me On A Jungle Journey – an immersive educational adventure! Embark on a captivating exploration to uncover the enchanting names of baby animals, linking them to their mothers using jumbo-sized puzzle pieces. Piece together these elements to craft a vibrant and captivating jungle scene that springs to life before your eyes. Once you've triumphed over the puzzle, dive into a realm of added challenges through rhyme-based activities that add an extra layer of excitement and learning. Inside this captivating experience, you'll discover the MOTHER & BABY ANIMAL PUZZLE, tailor-made for young adventurers aged 2 to 4. The box contains 6 captivating puzzle pieces, 6 adorable baby animal tokens, and an engaging rhyme-based activity sheet. Engage in the delightful process of sorting and matching each baby animal to its nurturing mother, forging heartwarming connections that spark curiosity and joy. As you immerse yourself in these connections, you'll also kindle a deep love for reading and storytelling, laying a strong foundation for a lifelong affinity with language and narratives. This immersive journey not only enriches vocabulary but also hones hand-eye coordination and bolsters essential problem-solving skills. Playshifu Dabble Mommy And Me On A Jungle Journey is more than a game—it's an expedition into the wonders of nature and language, fostering bonds and skills that will last a lifetime.