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Playshifu Dabble Mommy And Me A Happy Farm Family

Rs. 449.00
Introducing Playshifu Dabble Mommy And Me A Happy Farm Family – an enchanting educational journey! Embark on a captivating exploration to uncover the endearing names of baby animals, connecting them to their mothers through jumbo-sized puzzle pieces. Piece together these components to craft a vibrant and heartwarming farm scene that comes to life before your eyes. Once you've conquered the puzzle, immerse yourself in a world of further challenges presented through rhyme-based activities that add an extra layer of excitement. Inside this captivating experience, you'll find the MOTHER & BABY ANIMAL PUZZLE, specially designed for little ones aged 2 to 4. The box houses 6 charming puzzle pieces, 6 adorable baby animal tokens, and a captivating rhyme-based activity sheet. Engage in the delightful process of sorting and matching each baby animal to its nurturing mother. As you revel in these heartwarming connections, you'll also ignite a passion for reading and storytelling, laying the foundation for a lifelong love affair with words. This enchanting journey not only enriches vocabulary but also enhances hand-eye coordination and bolsters problem-solving skills. Playshifu Dabble Mommy And Me A Happy Farm Family is more than a game—it's a gateway to joyful learning, fostering a deep bond with language and the world of animals, all while nurturing essential cognitive abilities.