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Playshifu Dabble 123 Ride With Animals

Rs. 599.00
Introducing Playshifu Dabble 123 Ride With Animals – a captivating educational adventure! Delight in an engaging three-step number puzzle that nurtures counting, sequencing, comparison, and number recognition skills. Construct charming wagons, populate them with adorable farm animals, and align number tokens to the animals aboard. Once you've conquered the puzzle, dive into a realm of further learning and mathematical fun through a series of progressive worksheets. Inside this enriching experience, you'll discover 10 captivating animal jigsaw pieces, 10 delightful wagon jigsaw pieces, a set of numerical tokens from 1 to 10, and 2 enlightening worksheets. Unleash the power of number identification, counting prowess, seamless sequencing, and adept comparison. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in purposeful worksheet practice or combine the joy of puzzles and play, this game cultivates pattern recognition, elevates hand-eye coordination, and fortifies problem-solving skills. Perfect for young learners aged 2 to 4, Dabble 123 Ride With Animals is an all-in-one adventure that makes mastering numbers a thrilling journey.