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Memory Skills

Rs. 549.00
Type: Board Games
( 1 ) decide what challenge you would like to face ( A ) same picture ( B ) Front back ( C ) half picture ( D ) mother & child ( E ) corresponding picture ( 2 ) Cover all the windows on the playing box with pegs ( 3 ) Placre the card which you decide on the top of the pile and insert the cars into the playing box . ( Alternatively you can decide to randomly pick a card and without seeing the picture place that card on the top of the pile . ( 4 ) The first player starts by picking up two pegs if the picture matches ( as shown on the bottom of the card ) he keeps the pegs , and picks up two more pegs if the pictures do not match he replaces the pegs in the same place . the Next player starts his turn in the same way . ( 5 ) After the pegs have been removed the person with the maximum pegs wins the game . ( 6 ) When the game is over remove the yellow knobs from the playing box , and place the pegs in the slots provided .