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Kipa Magplay Magnetic Roundels

Rs. 2,999.00
The 64-piece magnetic building balls and rods have met quality standards for safety and durability.
The magnetic building sticks set is made of High-Quality ABS plastic making them safe for age-appropriate use of this toy.
The vibrant colors, the great attention to detail and the endless possibility make this magnetic play set as your #1 gift to your kids. It is perfect for birthday party, Christmas, holiday or Impulse gift. Meantime, its also a great educational project toy for teacher in school or kindergarten.
They are easy to connect and disconnect. Kids will be attracted by the tactile process of clicking the bars and balls together.
It involves principles of design and magnetics that allow children to discover wonderful things. It uses magnets to connect the various shapes: balls, crescents, and straight sections to design objects.