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Magic4 STEM The Botanist

Rs. 1,499.00
4 Different DIY Sets : a) Plant Maze b) Self Watering Plant c) Grow Your Microgreens d) Seed Paper Greetings. With this DIY Set Learn Importance of recycling & creativity! Learn Phenomenon of Phototropism and Capillary system.
PLANT MAZE :: How do plants respond to Sunlight? Learn all about Phototropism through this handy DIY Botany Project kit. Have fun building your own custom Maze Planter and watch closely how your plant responds to light…. Learn Phenomenon of Phototropism. :: Contents: 1x Maze (7 pieces) 1x Coco peat Black Chickpeas 1x Planter
SELF WATERING PLANT :: Planning a holiday? Who’ll water the plants? Learn how plants can take care of their own nourishment through this easy DIY Self-watering Planter kit. Watch your sapling grow and manage its own water supply to survive and thrive while you’re away. Learn Capillary System. ... :: Contents: 1x Planter Mustard Seeds 1x Reservoir Jar 1x Thick Thread Roll
GROW YOUR MICROGREENS : Why not grow superfoods at home? Have fun growing your own Microgreens, with this fun DIY Botany Kit. Microgreens are packed with goodness of nutrients and vitamins. Care for them and watch your own superfood grow at home! Learning Growing Nutritious Plants... :: Contents: 1x Planter 10g Mustard Seeds 1x Coco peat
SEED PAPER GREETINGS :: Let’s gift more seeds! With a touch of creativity, make your own Seed Gifting Card for all occasions. Your thoughtful gift can make growing plants more artsy, fun and easy for someone special! Learn the Importance of Recycling & Creativity.. :: Contents: Cards 2 Paint Pack of 6 1 Bowl 1 Spoon Chia Seeds Heart Mould Star Mould.