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Luma World Alpha Steel STEM Strategy Board Game

Rs. 899.00
Type: Board Games
LEARNING THROUGH PLAY Use this fun board game to get your kids to learn number operations, profit, loss, and simple percentages; Great tool to get kids to enjoy learning math
MASTER MULTIPLE SKILLS Equip your kids with essential life skills like problem-solving, resource management, and financial literacy as well as moral values like mental fortitude, sustainable living, and respect for opponents
AT HOME OR IN SCHOOL Effective in the classroom to improve cognitive ability and peer learning; Handy to reduce screen time and improve social interactions with family
DESIGNED FOR ENGAGEMENT Easy to learn with a kid-friendly rulebook and a game tutorial video; Collectible Robot Cards and Fantasy Currency to raise interest and promote interactivity
INTUITIVE, INCLUSIVE, AND REPLAYABLE Unlimited outcomes for an enhanced experience every time: Ideal for all kinds of learners and intelligences.