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Lego Harry Potter 76411

Rs. 3,037.00 Regular price Rs. 4,499.00
Embrace the wisdom of Ravenclaw House with the LEGO Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Banner (76411) Building Toy Set, where children can proudly showcase their loyalty or delve into the intricately detailed common room for enchanting adventures. With 305 pieces, this set features three minifigures of beloved Ravenclaw student characters including Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood, and Michael Corner, accompanied by a Cornish Pixie and wand elements for added magical flair. From the authentic Ravenclaw house crest adorning the banner to the meticulously crafted common room with a buildable table, book, seats, lamps, and Ravenclaw's Diadem, every detail exudes the charm of Hogwarts. Experience magical 3D effects with a lenticular backboard bringing Rowena Ravenclaw's image to life, accompanied by moving clouds and flickering flames in the fireplace. Perfect for Harry Potter fans aged 9 and above, this delightful 305-piece set makes for a magical everyday gift, whether as a surprise treat, birthday present, or cherished Christmas gift.