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Laser Pegs Leviathan

Rs. 3,245.00
Deep down on the ocean floor lies creatures galore! But none compare to the greatest beast yet: The Leviathan Sea Dragon. A predator and defender of the sea, The Leviathan can be both friend or foe. So, if you are fortunate enough to spot one, approach gently and with great caution for this magnificent creature surely wants to be your friend. But he’s just not quite sure yet.
What’s In the Box:
One mighty Explorers, Inc. Leviathan Sea Dragon
The models can be played solo or combined with other Laser Pegs sets
2 LED Light Brick (batteries included)
1 Laser Peg Action Figure
296 Brick Pieces
Additional building instructions are available on our website
Laser Pegs is a terrific STEM toy that encourages children of all ages to develop scientific engineering logic while encouraging abstract thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
Laser Pegs enhances the construction play of other leading brick products
Recommended for ages 8+