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Imc Toys Cry Babies Kitoons Bff Jenna

Rs. 1,999.00

Introducing Imc Toys Cry Babies Kitoons Bff Jenna! This stylish collectable is perfect for boys and girls aged 5 and over. Dotty is 13 years old and wearing a fashionable fabric clothing set. Complete your collection by sharing your dolls and accessories with your friends.

Unbox your character with an incredible surprise! Turn the cubes of the cylinder and discover your character with his wardrobe and all its surprises with iridescent surfaces. The hair of the wrist is 15 cm tall and feels very soft and shiny, easy to comb.

Follow the adventures of baby friends BFF parrots on our kitoons and Youtube channel. Develop imagination and creativity in a fun way with this perfect gift toy. Get your Imc Toys Cry Babies Kitoons Bff Jenna today at!

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