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Kalakaram Make Your Own Macrame Rainbow

Rs. 650.00

Kalakaram Make Your Own Macrame Rainbow is the perfect way to get creative and make something beautiful. This DIY craft kit includes everything you need to make a stunning, magical Macrame Rainbow. It includes 5 Meters Cotton Cord, 7 Bright Colorful Woolen Balls, and Beads to help you create your own marvelous Wall Hanging Decor.

Apart from being creative and engaging, this DIY activity box is loads of fun! A detailed instruction guide is provided with all of our kits explaining each step. It makes up for a delightful gift for kids over the age of 8 years, as well as for adults! Art in all its forms, encourages creativity and originality in every individual; and we believe that harnessing cognitive skills/productivity, that in turn boost confidence and positivity, form the best gifts possible.