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Innovador R/C Stunt Car (Multicolor)

Rs. 2,495.00
It's time to put your epic skills to the test with the Remote Control Spinning Tracks Stunt Car.
Are you up for an exciting adventure? You can drive your way to the coolest stunts ever with this Remote Control Spinning Tracks Stunt Car. It has big black wheels that move around to help you do cool tricks. It also lights up!
To get you started, the box includes a remote control and instructions. When you're finished, practise your tricks and show them off to your friends!
Beautifully designed: show off your stunt skills with this top race remote-controlled stunt vehicle! It has a rotational arm for the fast-moving 360-degree stunt and spinning action, the free rotating arm and inflatable monster tires mean that you can drive it on off-road terrain, the car has 4-wheel drive, driven by powerful dual motors
A great size: ideal mini stunt car.
Experience fun of a lifetime: This vehicle can climb rocks, climb hills and take on virtually any dry surface
Required battery (not included): Car battery 6 x1.5V AAA battery, Remote Control battery 2 x 1.5V AA battery