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Imagimake Mapology Dino Quest Blue

Rs. 549.00
ENTER THE DINOVERSE: Welcome to the exciting world of dinosaurs and join in the Jurassic adventure with Dino Quest. Let the young adventurers explore and discover this Dinoverse and meet mighty dinosaurs like Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus.
UNLOCK THE MYSTERY EGG: The Dinosaurs are trapped inside this mystery egg, and the child has to solve the puzzle to open it. The puzzle will keep the whole family engaged - push it, squeeze, tap it, jump with it? How will your family unlock this egg?
DIY MOVING DINOSAURS: Once unlocked, the egg reveals parts of 3 different dinosaurs and specially designed plastic bones & joints. The kids can follow the pictorial instructions to make their own moving 3D dino models
CREATE YOUR OWN HYBRID DINOS: The parts have been designed in such a way that the child can play the role of a genetic scientist and have the experience of building their own hybrids - Stego-tops? Pachyce-tops? What will the next hybrid be?
LEARN WITH FLASH CARDS: Did you know which dinosaur was called the 'Tank of the Dinos'? Or how wide was Triceratops was? The product comes with 5 Dino Profile cards for the young palaeontologists to learn more about their favourite dinos. Also includes 2 blank cards for kids to create the profiles for their own Hybrids.