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Imagimake Clay Stickers Rocket

Rs. 119.00
Tactile Play and Sensory Play have been emerging as very important aspects of child development. The bright colours and dotted texture of the foam clay easily capture and retain the attention of even the restless kids. Engaging them in a constructive quiet time hands-on activity - this unique material helps block out distractions and increase focus. Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity.
Easy and fun DIY activity were even a 3-year-old doesn't need any helping hand. Fill the clay, Peel the stickers and Paste on the window. In just 3 simple steps a child can create attractive creations!
Clay Stickers is a perfect DIY activity wherein the child gets to create awesome stickers with the help of Sticker Templates & Foam Clay (a unique textured clay). There are a wide range of popular themes to choose from - Unicorns to Dinos!