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Godiscover Bloom

Rs. 5,499.00
SKU: 8908018815000

Godiscover Bloom is an interactive learning package that includes 3 big and sturdy interactive books, an interactive talking pen, a book of 282 re-recordable stickers, and a charger/data cable. The books are designed to parallel age-appropriate learning guidelines with audio in British accent. The concept behind the product is to keep learning an interactive process by engaging multiple senses in a safe and natural manner.

The interactive books are full of colorful content that will grab the attention of young learners. Using the SmartPen, the pages of each book can be brought to life. It is like a teaching companion for the child, allowing them to learn with fun and minimal supervision.

The SmartPen reads when pointed to the content, asks fun questions, listens and records, and plays the recording until it is re-recorded. The re-recordable stickers have two dots on them - red and green. Touching the pen on the green dot starts the recording, and touching the pen on the red dot saves the recording on the sticker. This allows for limitless interactive and fun activities with books, toys, and objects.

Please Note: This Item is Non-Returnable