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Godiscover Bloom

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✅ PACKAGE INCLUDES – Set of 3 big & sturdy interactive books that are designed parallel with the age-appropriate learning guidelines with audio in ‘British accent’. An interactive talking pen, a book of 282 re-recordable stickers, charger/data cable is included in the set. Topics – Alphabet, Numbers, Colours, Shapes, The Sun and Planets, Months of the year, Days of the week, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Jobs people do ✅ CONCEPT BEHIND THE PRODUCT - The purpose of goDiscover Interactive series is to keep learning an interactive process via involvement of multiple senses in the most safe and natural manner. Our books engage maximum number of a child’s senses. This concept along with the design and technology used, simplifies knowledge and information intake, that boosts their cognitive and analytical skills and encourages curiosity. ✅ INTERACTION WITH SMART BOOK - Each Book is full of interactive and colorful content which will definitely grab the attention of your young one. Using the SmartPen, the pages of each Book can be brought to life. It is like a teaching companion for the child where he/she can do the learning with fun on his/her own with minimum supervision. Love for books and stimulation happens at the same time! ✅ INTERACTIVE PEN – Smart-Pen is like a friend of your little one. It reads when pointed to the content, asks fun questions, listens + records you and plays the recording whenever required till it is re-recorded. ✅ RE-RECORDABLE STICKERS – These stickers have 2 dots on them – RED and GREEN. Touch the pen on the GREEN dot, the pen will start recording and once you are done recording, touch the pen on RED dot, your recording is saved on the sticker! Now, you can stick this sticker to any surface – this means the number of books, toys, objects that you and your kiddo can make interactive, and fun is just limitless!