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Funcil Transport

Rs. 350.00
A stencil set where you can make your own masterpieces of animals. The kit contains 8 stencils of various animals, specially designed to make each animal look like the real one with the right proportions when completed. The jelly paints are special since they do not spill and you do not need to add water, just dip the sponge brush provided and spread it out. These jelly paints are translucent to give the most adorable finish. The special clips provided clip the stencil and the paper in place so the little one needs only 1 hand to trace it out. This helps the child in keeping his hand stable and gets them satisfied and happy. All you have to do is, clip the stencil paper and supporting board together. Then using the pencil provided draw the outline. Fill in the colours of your choice from the jelly paints and draw and make the background. Then put the stencil back on and using the black felt tip pen draw the outline. Finally use the fluorescent pen and draw the eyes of the animals.