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Foot Spa Salon

Rs. 3,499.00
Type: Makeup
In the meantime, the little one understands all the features of this set, you have time for coffee and candy.
The toy is a pedicure set with a musical foot bath, varnishes, nail files and various accessories.
The set develops a sense of style, taste, fantasy, imagination, and accompanies the overall development.
In addition, having her own set, a young fashionista will definitely not use her mother's cosmetic bag;)
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The set contains:
- Spa-bath with air bubbles and relaxing musical accompaniment;
- 2 beauty salon client cards;
- massage nozzle for the bath;
- 3 plastic pebbles;
- a set of false nails and an adhesive base;
- bowl;
- two bottles for varnish;
- a nail file;
- 2 toe separators;
- sheet with stickers;
- rhinestones for pedicure;
- disk with tasks.