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Fisherprice 3 in 1 Infant Deluxe Gift Pack

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SKU: 194735037766
Introducing the Fisherprice 3 in 1 Infant Deluxe Gift Pack – a delightful ensemble designed to captivate and engage your little one in hours of joyous play. This thoughtfully curated set features timeless favorites that not only entertain but also promote essential developmental skills. With the Snap-Lock Beads, your child can experience the satisfaction of popping the links together and pulling them apart, fostering both gross and fine motor skills. The tactile play element adds an extra layer of sensory exploration to the excitement. The Rock-a-Stack provides a captivating challenge as your little one sorts and stacks the vibrant rings from the largest to the smallest, encouraging cognitive development in a playful manner. This versatile gift pack combines classic charm with educational benefits, making it the perfect choice for fostering your baby's growth and creating lasting memories.

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