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Diicii Astro Hunt

Rs. 999.00
Type: Board Games
In a galaxy farther than the far away, there lived a notorious Yuzu tribe. They craved for one thing more than anything in the world, to wreak havoc on planet Earth. It’s known 12 of them went rogue and were spotted recently in space. Yuzus often hide in plain sight and only the one with the greatest memory can capture them. To keep planet Earth safe, we need to capture at least 5 Yuzus to make their forces fall. | About Diicii. Blink. And the game changes. Every time Diicii lights up in green or red to mean: plus-minus, forward-backward, Player1-Player 2, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Built with a twist on every roll. Diicii will always keep the game surprising and the player on the edge. | How to use Diicii. Pull the strip on the Diicii before using it for the first time. Hold the Diicii in your palm and wait for it to stop blinking. Roll the Diicii onto a flat surface to get a number and colour.