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Dc Batmobile

Rs. 999.00
This fictional automotive vehicle is driven by the justice seeking vigilante of Gotham City. The heavily armoured vehicle is equipped with tactical features, that enables batman to escape quickly or fight the enemy.
This vintage batmobile has a long bonnet design with sleek corners and flamboyant detailing. It has flaming sides and alloy coloured wheels that have the batman logo printed on it. This convertible car has a see-through roof, that enables the kid to remove the figurine.
The batmobile is equipped with a missile launcher. The bonnet flips open to activate the hidden launcher, that can be used to make path or destroy criminal vehicles. The launcher fires a bat shaped missile towards the front. This makes the vehicle look more exquisite.
The vehicle comes with a fully functional batman figurine, that can be transformed into Bruce Wayne when in public. This figurine is an intuitive toy that enables the little one to assume the role of a vigilante and expand the horizons of their imagination.