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Be Cre8v Gauss Rifle

Rs. 649.00
Science Kits for Kids Age 7-12 : Encourage Your kids to build their own experiments and enjoy the endless fun of DIY science activities. Perfect gifts recommended for teens age 7 years and up. Kids Science Experiment Kits: Kids can create magnetic shooter with their own hands, using all the parts & material included. Make learning more fun, learn basic principles of magnetism, transfer of force etc. Stimulate their curiosity and creativity. DIY Instruction Booklet: Clear and complete with science guide for kids to follow, let your kids to explorer their own world independently. Exercise their ability to solve the problems. DIY STEM Toy: This STEM Toys for boys and girls are DIY science kits, which can help children learn the science behind how things work. Clear and complete science guide booklet for kids to follow, allow children to complete knowledge exploration independently. Be Cre8v Gauss rifle kit Explores concepts of kinetic energy, magnetism engineering, design.