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Be Cre8v DIY Aquatic Shadow Art

Rs. 699.00
Type: Pretend Play
Show time begins! Let your child tells you a fabulous Fable of scuba diver meeting wonderful aquatic creatures...With becre8v's aquatic shadow art kit. Kids are fascinated by the World of aquatic animals. The steam kit contains a story-book having a wonderful story of a marine life. This enables children to explore a whole new world of aquatic life creating many stories on their own. This incorporates 'shadow puppetry', an ancient form of story-telling using puppets. Utilizing this medium, a child or group of children get a chance to learn science behind shadows, which boosts their concentration power, vocabulary, memorization skills, multi-literacy and multi-medium skills through art, science, and English. Children will have loads of fun in actively participate in making (setting-up and displaying) their own incredible theatre show. This art and science kit gets children experimenting with adjustments of angles, directions of the fixtures, placement of filters for colourful background as per the shadows projected on the theatre-screen. Children playfully builds up their hand eye coordination skills, visual spatial skills, motor skills, self-expression and creative thinking skills while presenting stories in front of their friends, parents and other family members. Along with the show tickets, this steam based do-it-yourself (DIY) kit is packed up with 11 shadow puppets, a wooden theatre, wooden stickers, colouring pens, colourful filters for backgrounds, a torch, fixtures for holding the theatre and torch, show tickets, and manual showing shadow effect of hand gestures given inside this shadow art kit. The fun box comes with all the parts required by children to make their own mini-theatre. All its unique salient features make it the world's first colourful shadow story-telling kit. Dive deep into the ocean with our scuba diver and discover our underwater aquatic life!.