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Barbie Doll With Puppy Self-Care Spa Day HKT90

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SKU: 194735108176

This Barbie® doll set is a perfect way for kids to learn about the importance of self-care and relaxation. With the spa-themed accessories and cute puppy companion, kids can engage in imaginative play while also learning about taking care of themselves.

The included accessories like the eye mask, rubber duck, and bath soaps add to the role-play possibilities and can inspire creative storytelling.The 11 joints in the doll allow for more realistic movement and play, making the experience even more engaging and enjoyable for kids.

Additionally, the option to collect all the Barbie® self-care dolls expands the world of play and imagination, encouraging children to explore different interests and activities.

Overall, the Barbie® doll spa set is a fun and educational toy that promotes self-care and relaxation, while also encouraging imaginative play and storytelling.

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