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Barbie Doll And Fantasy Pets, Mermaid Tail And Skirt HLC28

Rs. 1,979.00 Regular price Rs. 2,199.00

This dress-up Barbie® doll set is perfect for kids who love to engage in imaginative and creative play. With multiple fashion options, including a mermaid tail, princess skirt, and floral skirt, kids can transform the doll into different characters and explore various storylines.

The set also includes colorful accessories such as headbands, a tiara, and a necklace, which can be mixed and matched with the different outfits for even more imaginative play possibilities. The addition of a baby unicorn and dragon figure adds an extra element of adventure and friendship to the playset, inspiring kids to create their own magical stories.

Barbie® dolls feature multiple joints for realistic movement and play, and this dress-up set is no exception. Kids can easily change the doll`s outfit and accessories, encouraging them to engage in open-ended play and explore their creativity.

Overall, this dress-up Barbie® doll set is a fun and engaging toy that promotes imaginative play and storytelling. It is the perfect addition to any Barbie® collection and is sure to inspire hours of creative play.