website Baby Alive Bubbly Salon Fun F5112
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Baby Alive Bubbly Salon Fun F5112

Baby Alive Bubbly Salon Fun F5112

Rs. 4,299.00

Style your doll's hair with suds from her bow! With Baby Alive Sudsy Styling doll, kids can create endless bubbly hairstyles. This 12-inch doll comes with a salon chair, accessories, and bubble solution.

Simply connect the doll to the chair, mix the solution, pour into the chair accessory, then press the shampoo pump to watch bubbles form. Use the comb, styling tool, pretend blow dryer, mirror, and barrette to create unique suds-filled styles.

When it's time for more bubbles, just use children's shampoo or clear bubble solution at home to keep the fun going.